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Elevate the monitoring game with ObserveLite

With ObserveLite, effortlessly keep an eye on CPU utilization, network activity, and website uptime. ObserveLite’s alert system ensures prompt notifications when the application goes down.

Upgrade Security

Security monitoring capabilities in cloud monitoring solutions assist in real-time threat detection and response.



Ensure resources can be scaled up or down by actual requirements by using this data to help with scalability planning.


User Experience

Continuously monitoring cloud resources detect and address issues promptly improving overall reliability and availability

Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes

Reduced downtime can be achieved by using cloud monitoring to quickly identify and fix problems.

Always-on Monitoring for Optimal Performance.

‒ ObserveLite also helps manage cloud resources efficiently by monitoring CPU, memory, and storage usage, ensuring ready-to-scale during traffic surges.
‒ ObserveLite keeps cloud spending in check, helping to identify idle resources and optimize allocation to prevent unexpected costs.
‒ Trust ObserveLite for continuous performance and cost control.
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Elevate AWS/Azure/GCP Insights with ObserveLite.

‒ ObserveLite’s AWS/Azure/GCP Monitoring helps to explore performance trends of native services like EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, load balancer, CloudFront, Workspaces, VPC-VPN, etc., and with the same equivalents in other cloud solution providers.
‒ Get valuable insights to optimize cloud infrastructure through in-depth reporting and analytics. Observelite’s Cloud Monitoring is a powerful and easy-to-use service that helps improve Cloud performance and user experience.

ObserveLite The ultimate solution for cloud monitoring.

‒ Centralized log analysis and Real-user and synthetic monitoring.
‒ Network and host monitoring and Rich integrations with popular  tools.
‒ Code-level tracing and compliance-ready change tracking,   access logs, and configuration auditing.

With ObserveLite deploy applications on any cloud

ObserveLite can be easily deployed on any cloud or on-premise, ensuring data privacy policy adherence. Observelite offers a managed services option where its experts will observe, alert, suggest, and fix application-level outages/issues.

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Google Cloud

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ObserveLite helps experts with right kind of data with respect to issues outages in their application for precise Root Cause Analysis to be done.

Cloud Monitoring: What, Why, and How - FAQs

Cloud monitoring is the practice of observing and managing the performance, security, and availability of cloud-based resources and services.
Cloud monitoring typically involves tracking metrics related to performance, security, resource utilization, cost, and compliance.
Real-time monitoring provides immediate insights into issues, enabling rapid response to performance problems or security threats.
Cost optimization involves tracking cloud resource usage and expenditures to identify areas where cost savings can be realized without compromising performance.

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