Keep network infrastructure healthy and secure by detecting and responding to network issues, anomalies and threats in real-time or over a time period.

Monitor and solve real-time network performance issues

Observelite acts as the network’s vigilant guardian, constantly monitoring critical performance metrics like latency, bandwidth utilization, packet loss, and response times. ObserveLite’s mission is to guarantee that the application remains consistently responsive and accessible to all users.

Observelite’s Instant Alerting and Data Visualization Tool.

‒ Monitor and solve real-time network performance issues with instant alerting and data presentation.
‒ Get alerts during critical network issues and view the data in the form of tables, charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports.
‒ Monitor the health and performance of various network elements, from the device to the protocol and interface levels.
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Gives insights and controls needed to optimize network performance.

‒ Can detect faults and anomalies in the network elements and troubleshoot them quickly.
‒ Manage network resources effectively, whether they are on-site or remote. Examine network interfaces for their faults and optimize network configuration and performance.
‒ ObserveLite also closely monitors network devices and servers, meticulously tracking CPU, memory, disk space, and other resources.

Observelite: Network's Vigilant Guardian

‒ Eliminate bottlenecks and proactively plan for resource scaling to ensure uninterrupted network operations.
‒ Harness the power of historical data and trends to facilitate the network’s growth and scalability.
‒ With ObserveLite’s, Monitoring tools network’s seamless performance is assured.
Security Monitoring -3
Security Monitoring -2

Instant Alerts for Network Excellence.

‒ Set up alerting thresholds and notifications to keep instantly informed about network issues or security breaches.
‒ Assess DNS server health and examine request volume, response time and error code metrics.
‒ This precision allows to distinguish between client-side errors and server-side failures, providing actionable insights for a seamlessly functioning network.

6 Benefits of Keeping an Eye on Your Network



See what’s going on with the network devices, applications, and connections at all times.


Spot and fix network problems before they impact the business operations and reputation.


Measure and improve the network performance using various metrics and tools.


Adjust the network monitoring solutions to suit the specific business needs and goals.
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Move the data and applications to the cloud with confidence and monitor the cloud-based services and resources.
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Save time and money on network maintenance, troubleshooting, and downtime.

Network Monitoring

Provide valuable insights into the performance, health, and security of your networks.

Network Monitoring: What, Why, and How - FAQs

Network monitoring is the practice of tracking and analyzing the performance, health, and security of computer networks to ensure they operate efficiently and securely.
You should monitor various network metrics, including bandwidth utilization, latency, packet loss, device health, and security-related events.
Alerts can be configured based on predefined thresholds for specific metrics (e.g., high CPU usage, low bandwidth). When a threshold is exceeded, alerts are triggered and sent to designated personnel.
Network monitoring can detect unusual traffic patterns and security events, helping to identify potential breaches, malware, or unauthorized access attempts.
Important metrics include bandwidth utilization, latency, packet loss, device health (e.g., routers, switches), network traffic, security events, and application performance.

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