Application performance Engineering

Comprehensive application monitoring that empowers to maintain peak performance and a seamless user experience.

Analyse and track the application's performance using ObserveLite’s Monitoring.

Analyse and track the application’s performance using ObserveLite’s Monitoring. ObserveLite’s Application Monitoring service is a process of using software tools and data to monitor the performance of business-critical applications and to ensure the expected service level or maintained with satisfactory application experience for users.

Monitor, Visualize, and Control Code Performance.

‒ Monitor vital golden metrics, visualize intricate dependencies, and stay ahead of issues with real-time alerts and error tracking.
‒ Gain unparalleled visibility into execution times and resource consumption, down to every method and code line, for precision code optimization.
‒ Manage real user experience, application performance, response times, and infrastructure across cloud environments, all with real-time metric tracking.

Resolve Issues Proactively

‒ Proactively address performance and availability concerns before users become aware.
‒ Delve deep into applications, dissecting them down to the code level.
‒ Gain intricate insights into performance hiccups well in advance, safeguarding customers’ experience.

Application Performance Engineering

Optimize your IT environment quality and performance with the smart and systematic approach

Revealing App Failure's Why and Where

‒ Observelite helps to find out the ‘why’ and ‘where’ of software application failures.
‒ We collect data on key metrics like response times, error rates, and resource usage.
‒ Providing accurate insights into the application’s performance, scalability, and future development.
‒ Ensures error-free experience.
Security Monitoring -3

Ensure High performance, Reliable and Secure Applications.

Application Monitoring: What, Why, and How - FAQs

Application monitoring is the process of tracking and measuring the performance, availability, and functionality of software applications to ensure they operate smoothly.
Application monitoring helps organizations maintain a high-quality user experience, identify and resolve performance issues, and proactively address potential problems.
You can monitor a wide range of applications, including web applications, mobile apps, desktop software, and server-based applications.
Alerts can be configured based on predefined thresholds for specific metrics (e.g., high error rates and slow response times). When thresholds are breached, alerts are triggered and sent to designated recipients.
Best practices include defining monitoring objectives, selecting relevant metrics, setting appropriate alerting thresholds, and regularly reviewing and analyzing monitoring data.

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